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Kid Testimonials

At the Kids Ride to Riches Seminar, I learned that anybody can be a millionaire
if they save well and have good money habits. I actually learned how to make
wise choices with my money!

Daniel, McLaughlin School, Oshawa Grade 9

The stories were really good, they showed the real life stories of
how people completed their goals. I need to start thinking about my
future and investing/saving money that is untouchable.

Rebecca, Markham District High School, Grade 10

I should be saving 10% of my money and NOT spending all the money I get.

Samuel, Uxbridge, Grade 7

There was some humour in the talking and speeches that
took place in the Seminar and that helped me learn how to manage
my money when I’m older!

(Nicholas, Our Lady of the Bay Catholic School, Pickering, Grade 6

I learned how to manage my money and how to actually get on
the road to become rich, and now I’ll know what to find along the way!

Vanessa, William Armstrong Public School, Markham, Grade 8

At the Kids Ride to Riches Seminar, I learned how to make lots of money,
manage my money, and become a millionaire!

Paul, Franklin St. Public School, Markham, Grade 8

I learned how to balance my money and to start saving now
so I can be a millionaire when I’m older!

Steven, William Armstrong School, Markham, Grade 8

Parent Testimonials

I think every parent has a mental checklist of things we want for our kids.
At the top of my list, I wanted my kids to be educated about the importance of money,
but it was just something that I never got around to teaching them about.
Thank goodness for Kids Ride to Riches – they took over my kids money education
where I left off.

Marcy, Toronto

My parents never talked to me about money and I grew up in the dark.
As a result, whenever I am dealing with financial matters I become very
uncomfortable and stressed. I am sure other adults feel the same way.
When I discovered what my son learned in your Seminar, I realized that
he learned more about money and finances in one day than I had learned
in 20 years! I am now a huge supporter of Kids Ride to Riches.

Don, Markham

My husband and I really enjoyed being included in the first part of the Kids Seminar,
especially when your trainer asked us what things we thought our kids should learn
about regarding money and finances. When we rejoined the kids at the end of the day,
we were amazed to see that your trainers had covered all of the important things each
parent had suggested earlier in the day. The trainers did a great job at making everyone
feel a part of this great learning experience. Thanks Kids Ride to Riches!

Betsy, Unionville

Today was a great day for my family. Our two kids walked into the Seminar room staring at
the ground and dragging their feet. By the end, they had a plan for their lives and were
absolutely confident of becoming millionaires! We went from depressed to success
in one short day. What a great investment.

Yi Chu, Unionville

It was the morning after my son Alex had attended a kids ride to riches seminar and
I was on my way to the salon to have my hair done. I called upstairs to say goodbye to
my husband and to let him know that I would be using money from our savings account to
pay for it. On hearing this, my son Alex came to ask me why I was using my savings account
to have my hair done, he said savings should really be used as rainy day money and for emergencies,
I answered by telling him I didn’t have enough money in my other account, Alex’s reply to this was,
“maybe you shouldn’t be having your hair done if you can’t really afford it.
You can imagine how happy my husband was with this whole conversation!
As you can see, Alex got a lot from the seminar.

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