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MP3s and Audio Downloads

Take Kids Ride to Riches audio training with you so you can maximize your family’s time wherever you go. Our audio downloads are easy – pick your training topic, download it to your PC or MP3 player and listen. It’s that easy. Our audio training packs a wallop of tips and strategies that you can apply to your life now. This affordable learning system allows you and your family to progress at your own speed.


The namesake of the company - The Kids Ride to Riches Seminar is a one-day training course for kids, teens and parents that is interactive, fun, and has immediate impact! Our qualified trainers present premier money management strategies used by the wealthy - all in a high-impact learning environment.


Webinars take components of our live seminar and provides them to you in bite-size learning opportunities for busy kids and families. Each webinar is 30 minutes and can be viewed, paused when you want to discuss or take notes, and resumed when you are ready for more. They are a highly-potent learning tool that kids just love. Our affordable webinars allow you to participate in the comfort and safety of your own home.


Private Club Membership

The KR2R exclusive Private Club for members is by application only. Please submit your application now.


The Money Manual Our premier tips and strategies used by the rich and wealthy all in one convenient manual, just for kids and families. Learn about the various stages of your life and what important knowledge you need to insure your future success and prosperity in the new globalized world. At Kids Ride to Riches, we know that no one is born with a financial guide, so we created one for you!

Kids Ride to Riches – Authored by Douglas Meharg, Founder and President of the company. This book takes you down the success path by highlighting the 3 easy steps to maximize riches, minimize scarcity and have the things you deserve. A must read!


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