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Kids Ride To Riches

In 1938, Douglas Meharg opened his first bank account. He was instructed to do so by his Grade 4 teacher, and since then Doug has been helping others learn how to be financially successful. As Doug’s own kids went through the education system, he discovered that kids are not taught about money management at school. He also noticed that parents are often unable or ill equipped to teach their kids how to be financially successful – sometimes this is because money is one of the last taboo subjects in our society and we just can’t talk about it.

Kids Ride to Riches was created for parents and kids so they can have easy access to premier tips and strategies to achieve family success. We developed this company and our premier products to support the success of kids from their early years and beyond.

Kids Ride to Riches teaches great money management skills to parents and kids so that they learn how to live prosperous lives in the global economy. No one is born with a success manual, so Kids Ride to Riches created one for you and your family!

President & Founder

Douglas Meharg, President and founder of Kids Ride to Riches, is a self-made multi-millionaire dedicated to teaching others to become financially independent. Along the way, Doug was mentored and trained by the world’s greatest coaches, including Bob Proctor, Mark Victor Hansen, and T. Harv Eker. Doug thinks that the greatest way to make change is by teaching children now the right skills and habits so that they can make an impact in the world. Earlier in life than later.

Company Info

Kids Ride to Riches is a global company, and our head office is located in Canada. We have a dedicated research team studying North American and global trends, which become a part of our premier training products for you and your family. At Kids Ride to Riches, we take our training responsibility seriously and for that reason we employ highly skilled professionals in each field, to develop the Kids Ride To Riches seminars, products, and support.

Online Store

Our Online store is currently being developed and deployed in the next few months. In the interim please contact us for additional information on any of our products.



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