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Learn How to Leverage your Network into Networth

If you subtracted your liabilities (what you owe) from your assets (what you own), the resulting number would be your net worth. For some, this number is negative, for others it is positive – for all kids it is positive, especially when they learn early on in life how to use their network to build positive net worth.

Your net worth is dependent upon your network. If you intentionally build your network with like-minded people, your net worth will increase through opportunities, ventures, and successes. Join now…

Success networks are developed intentionally through friendships, clubs, and community involvement. They don’t happen by accident. People who are successful put energy into meeting the right people and spending time with like-minded people that share similar values.

But which organisations should you join? Who should your kids be spending time with? What if they are picking up the wrong habits?

Our Kids Ride to Riches network trains kids how to network safely and purposefully within a community of like-minded kids. Their net worth depends upon it!

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